Welcome to Trey: Advocates for Athletes’ Success
Trey is dedicated to objectively advising and empowering high school athletes (as well as athletes’ families, coaches, and mentors) throughout the college athletic recruiting process.

What can you, a high school athlete, expect from Trey?
-We’re not (just) about athletics;
-We’re not (just) about academics; and,
-We’re not (just) about culture.

As a prospective college athlete, you need to understand how all of these pieces fit together in order to choose the most fulfilling college experience. That’s where we come in!

By helping high school athletes identify their academic, athletic, and cultural priorities, then methodically evaluating athletes’ fit in relation to college programs’ historical performance on the field, in the classroom, and as part of their larger communities, Trey provides high school athletes with transparency in advance of making their final college decision.

What’s the problem?
Playing sports in college is a life-changing opportunity that builds highly valuable transferable skills: teamwork, communication, leadership, coachability, discipline, and self-confidence contribute to an athlete’s foundation for excellence in life.

But there’s another side to this story:
1. High school athletes have limited options to properly inform their college selection;
2. As a result, high school athletes are often forced to choose a college program using inadequate and/or incomplete information;
3. In college, athletes are perpetually torn between academic, athletic, and social demands;
4. A poor fit between an athlete and a college program often results in a troubled experience, a poor education and/or a disruptive transfer to another school.
5: Recent NCAA research supports this danger:
-30% of college athletes reported feeling intractably overwhelmed during the past month
-Two-thirds of Division I and II athletes (half in Division III) said they spend as much or more time on athletics during the off-season as during their competitive season
-Nearly 1 in 5 Division I athletes would like to complete an internship, but can’t because of their athletic commitments.

To minimize the risk of a bad match, and to maximize your future potential, Trey provides you, the high school athlete, with visibility into the black box of college recruiting. We’re here to help you choose the right college, so you can use sports as a springboard to lifetime success.

Why did we launch Trey?
Because athletes everywhere deserve a chance to be successful.

As former Division I athletes, we greatly benefitted from our college experiences. However, not all of our high-potential friends and peers were so lucky. Most often, these misfortunes were due to factors that were both easily identifiable and easily manageable, in hindsight.

As a mission-driven social enterprise, we believe athletes everywhere have immense leadership potential; and we’re here to help you maximize your college experience. By serving athletes as trusted college recruiting advisors, we help you make the most meaningful decision of your career while aligning your personal needs with the expectations of college athletic programs.

How do we help?
Trey’s methodology is three-fold: educate, identify, and match.

Educate: We provide in-depth recruiting guides (sport, gender, and division-specific information) to teach you everything you need to know about the complex world of college athletic recruiting.
Identify: We pinpoint college programs that best match your athletic, academic, and personal priorities.
Match: We synthesize our research with your actual recruiting experiences to help athletes and families make the critical college decision.

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It’s time for athletes everywhere to take ownership of their long-term prosperity. Are you ready to join the movement?

To athletes everywhere,
Team Trey